Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Futsal : Ermmm

Errmmm...was wishing to clear my mind with futsal today...end up with I nearly faint..Suppose to hve fun but didn't turn up to be that way...lesson for the day: Need to eat something!!!

Let bygones be bygones

Lately "something" coloured my life..
I've learned my lesson..
Sometimes, something is better left as it was
Not sad coz it's come to an end..
Sad coz my dreams of the great past has gone...


Sunday, March 22, 2009

At Petrosains KLCC

Luper dh braper kali masuk petrosains ni..Was fun..

Kem Motivasi(21 March - 22 March)

Aku dari kejauhan

Kene denda

Che yah ngan aku (time org bg ceramah)


So many plans for my weekend..but at last, aku ikut che yah and student2 dia pegi kem motivasi kat Kem Raudah kat Gombak. Was fun and relaxing. Lamer tak join actvity cam nih..dgr ceramah, main air. Chalet yang aku tinggal lak kira Ok laa..Kem nih ok sbnrnyer...just bit lack dari segi kebersihan..

Friday, March 13, 2009

The last One

At Carlos Pavillion...Ermmmm..speechless

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sad day, but yet not Bad after all

Still berkira2 nak balik ker x. Petang semalam abg aku(Udin) call tye jd ker x balik kmpung. Time chat ngan akak aku(Bakyah) pon tye jd ker x balik kmpung. Camaner laa drg tahu aku cuti panjang nih..and camner plak drg tahu aku ader plan nak balik kmpung? Pelik2. Cuti panjang...tp xraser nak balik kmpng. patut laa org cakap aku luper daratan.. Hehehe..
Last nite bowling again. On the way pegi amek Su, akak aku(kak A) tetiber call.. Ader ker patut dia call suruh tgk Raja Lawak final..budak brutal cam aku maner laa tgk Raja Lawak tu. Yang versi2 mak2 orang jer laa suker tgk. Then akak aku(Yanie) lak call. Ajak kuar shopping the next day.. Well, aku ckp ok jer laa..Bleh jumper Alia kesayanganku, alin si badut and aina yg makan jer manjang..Comey2..
Aku, Su and Che Yah jer pegi bowling.. Aku dpt no 2..hehehe..sajer jer aku xmain btul2 tkut che yah yg giler bowling tu frust. Xper2..bg chance dlu. sbnarnyer dh hampir menang dh..Naper laa 2 game last tu masuk longkang??? che yah ckp aku kalah sbb aku berlagak sgt. Hehehe..best klu tgk bowling ball su masuk longkang...Xper2...yang penting aku bkn no last dah...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Bye Glenn - Farewell Lunch

Glenn holding his breast. To whose you comparing to??One thing for sure, I'm not sitting anywhere near him.

I have no idea who these guys are

Great team. Ermmm...sad...sad

Magic mug. Our picture will appear if you pour hot water!

Yesterday was Glenn's last day in the office. Seriusly I don't know how's the office gonna be without him(At least nobody dare to bully me after this). You won't see me cry Glenn. You can't make me! Gonna miss your jokes(Which i could understand). Well, I almost cried but my colleague keep on saying that I was about to cry..Daaaa...I'm still gonna work with them...let me not humiliate myself k. Have a nice journey home, be a good boy after this and be loyal to Pei Lin! As gentleman as a gentleman should be. The only reason I can write this is because I won't see him anymore...For me you're a good team lead. Sayonara