Saturday, March 20, 2010

Summary for March :)

Almost 1 month at my new office...Oh God!!! I'm bored!!!..Pegi office skadar utk mkn, chat and surf..since pegi saner, just wat 1 project window service and web service which took about 3 days to finish..lpas tuh xder kje tetiber jer laa aku jd active berfacebooking..jd stalker..
Haaa..I've to wake up early ok...need to be at the office at 8 a.m! imagine that! dlu kol 10 bru smpi yg best nyer, kol 5.30 p.m mmg dh ready nak balik...hehe..memula kje tu a bit stress laa pk kne bgun awl and kne drive sndri(I hate driving!). Then si kecik offer antar aku g keje ari2..Hehehe..TQ TQ TQ TQ TQ! it helps a lot. Xder stress2 dh..time balik plak, kol 5.30 tu normally si kecik dh sampai..
So for now, wlupon nothing much to at the office, still aku blh bertahan..tgk laa how far it goes. Actually I'm a bit excited bout involving in their project..many cool projects!!!still wondering which project I'll be in but most possibly a new one..
This year kan byak good things and news for me...One of them, when kwn tmpt kje lamer aku bgthu dia dpt good offer from Dell. You deserve it. Good Luck k Miss Tan..I owe you a lot. You helped me a lot last time..Mungkin one day kita akan kje samer lg..Only God knows.

Please bless us all along the way God..
Thanks for everything...

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